Book Airport Transfer

Book Airport Transfer

Booking a Shannon Airport Transfer guarantees that someone will be waiting for you on your arrival to bring you to your hotel or meeting and to help answer all those important questions that only locals have the answer to, like – Where is a good place to stay/to eat/to visit?

For business travellers, let us take care of your transport needs and make sure you make your appointments on time; take advantage of our excellent local relationships.

Whether you need to get to Shannon Airport from Limerick or from Shannon Airport to any part of the country I can take you. Contact me for a quotation or booking.

Prices from Shannon Airport

The following is a guideline of the maximum fares chargeable for various journeys throughout Ireland. Effective from January 2010.

From Shannon Airport
Approx  Dist  
(in Kilometers)
(in Euro)
Birr103 128
Cork City128160
Derry City356442
Dublin City222276
Galway City90112
Limerick City2635
Waterford City150186

*Above rates are for vehicles carrying up to 4 persons, where vehicles are licenced to carry in excess of 4 persons an additional charge of one fifth of the total fare will apply for each extra passenger carried. Extra side trips that deviate from the above direct routes may incur an additional charge. If you know your exact destination let Noel know and he will give you and exact charge for your Shannon Airport Transfer.

We also provde a taxi service for the Limerick region so if you need a taxi phone Noel on 087 2516052.

Proud to have been operating in Limerick for over 31 years.

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